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Live-In (Urban Missionary)

Team Lead. Sister. Friend. These are all in the job description when it comes to being a live-in here at Next Step Ministries. The housing part of our program is crucial in teaching the women how to build ordinary moments into their lives, and how to pick up the necessary life skills to flourish once they leave our program.

Trafficking Hub

115 million. That’s the average number of visitors that the world’s largest pornography site has each day. In 2019 Pornhub had over 42 billion visitors, that’s more than Facebook, Twitter, and Netflix combined. It’s impossible to count the number of videos that are posted on the site because new content is being uploaded every hour, with 6.83 million videos uploaded in 2019 alone…

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I Had Lunch Next to a Pimp

I had been in anti-trafficking meetings all day with local organizations I partner with and hadn’t eaten a full meal all day (sorry mom). I was planning to shop until I met some friends in the area later that night, but I decided to stop at a restaurant nearby for a (very) late lunch. Since it was oddly cool for mid-June in Arkansas, I decided to sit outside on the restaurant’s patio…

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Not for Kids

If a picture tells a thousand words, then a video must tell tens of thousands of words. We are living in a hyper-visual world, and the images that we see every day can build us up, or they can demoralize and tear us down. The media that we weave into our lives can be a catalyst for our freedom or the chains that keep us in bondage… 

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Porn and Relationships

I have been beyond blessed to walk alongside people as we navigate our lives in a hypersexualized world, and one of my dear friends has agreed to share her side of the story about struggling with pornography and how it has impacted her life…

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Anti-Exploitation but Pro Porn

Come on, just once. Everyone’s watching it. This is the best way to find out about what girls like. It relieves stress and makes you feel great. If you don’t watch this, you are such a prude. While these phrases can be referring to anything, they are often heard when people talk about pornography. In a culture that has turned sexuality into a war cry and has made it mainstream to follow your desires wherever they may lead…

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Shining a Light on Slavery

We just wrapped up January which was Human Trafficking Awareness Month. But as we step into this new month it’s important to remember that advocacy is not a one-time donation but rather a year round mindset. There are countless opportunities for us to continue to raise awareness; from the clothes we buy, the websites we frequent, the people we follow on social media…

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Donation Needs

There are two types of people in the world: those that love to move and those that do not. Either the thought of packing your life into labelled boxes, relocating across the city (or country) and then getting to settle into a whole new place totally excites you, or it stresses you out. Personally – while I’m not a huge fan of moving – I can get behind the idea of rearranging and decorating a new room to make it my own and getting to transform a…

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Ride for Refuge

When you look at the scope of sexual exploitation in the world and our cities, it can seem pretty overwhelming. One of the biggest things that prevent people from taking action is that they feel like they can’t make a difference. However, the truth is that you don’t have to be raiding brothels to make a difference or effect change, all you have to do is take a step forward into supporting those affected by sexual exploitation….

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Erasing the Past

I want you to imagine the worst day of your life. Do you have it in mind yet? It’s a hard thing to do because as humans we’re wired to forget the most painful parts of our lives because we don’t like to experience pain. Now I want you to imagine for a moment that you have a tattoo that will forever commemorate and remind you of that day. While this scenario is nothing more than an extremely uncomfortable exercise for most of us, for those exiting sexual exploitation, it is often a harsh reality.

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