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Work with us in making a difference in the lives of the women at Next Step Ministries.

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Volunteer Live-In

Next Step Ministries (NSM) is a Christian organization based in Calgary, whose vision is for women to exit sexual exploitation and discover their identity. Partnering with churches, other agencies and the community, NSM is committed to walking alongside these women as they break the cycles of addiction and abuse. NSM provides outreach services, housing, day classes, and follow care support for women exiting sexual exploitation.

This is a volunteer position and reports to the Housing Coordinator. The Live-In Volunteer works with Next Step Ministries to provide relational support and stability to the residents in the Housing Program (Sparrow House). This positions supports the Housing Coordinator in monitoring the upkeep of the property. This position operates on a 6 month contract with the option for renewal. This is a very involved volunteer position that requires a highly trustworthy individual.


• Develop and maintain a supportive roommate relationship with the women living at Sparrow House;
• Be available to listen to the residents when they need to debrief or work through problems and conflict resolution;
• Encourage the women in their attendance of the Day Program as well as other available opportunities to develop healthy supports and relationships in the community;
• Maintain healthy boundaries between personal life and the residents;
• Communicate with the Housing Coordinator about any questions or concerns regarding the residents or maintenance of the house;
• Ensure the house rules are being followed by residents and report any incidents to the Housing Coordinator;
• Facilitate weekly house meetings to ensure all residents have an opportunity to discuss any conflicts, issues, or successes in the house with the other residents;
• Work with the Housing Coordinator to develop and coordinate activities for residents in housing;
• Notify residents of any scheduled volunteers or tradespersons coming into or onto the property for maintenance purposes;
• Recycle the bottles and cans from Sparrow House on a regular basis and collect and log the money received. This money should be used for special meals or outings with the residents;
• Perform random room checks regularly;
• Oversee use of restricted medicine as needed for each resident;
• Assist the residents in developing a schedule for the completion of daily and weekly chores in the house. Monitor that the chores are being completed in a satisfactory and timely manner;
• Monitor the use of shared household areas such as the kitchen, TV rooms, laundry, bathrooms, etc.;
• Keep consistent and timely logs in Sumac regarding the residents’ behaviours, moods, and successes and/or conflicts, along with other information as requested by Next Step Ministries staff;
• Ensure all residents are home for curfew;
• Be responsible for administering a urine test and/or communicating with the staff member on-call if a resident arrives home appearing to be under the influence of a substance or more than 30 minutes late, respectively;
• Work with the Housing Coordinator to ensure the house is secure and safe;
• Maintain the confidentiality of the residents and the location of Sparrow House.


• Have attended NSM’s volunteer training;
• Working knowledge of addiction and sexual exploitation an asset;
• Experience with conflict resolution an asset;
• Able to work independently.


• The Live-In Volunteer must keep all information regarding residents and the location of Sparrow House confidential;
• The Live-In Volunteer is provided with free rent and grocery gift cards as compensation for their time volunteering with NSM;
• The Live-In Volunteer may not invite friends, family, or romantic partners to the Sparrow House property under any circumstances. The location of Sparrow House must be kept strictly confidential;
• The Live-In Volunteer may request up to one evening a week and up to one weekend a month away from her duties at the house. Requests for respite should be made with the Housing Coordinator at least 2 weeks before the requested date;
• Must adhere to Next Step Ministries’ values, statement of faith, and code of conduct;
• Must be willing to learn;
• Must be able to work both individually and as a team.