Project Safe Home

Next Step Ministries is embarking on a new initiative called Project Safe Home. As we work on the issue of sexual exploitation, we have decided to go all the way to the source, which is in the home and with the family.

This is a project that focusses on PREVENTION, so that children and youth are not unintentionally exposed to pornography at an early age and don’t have access to it in their homes as teenagers. All parents want the best for their children and want their homes to be a safe place. In recent years, the internet has made a way for all kinds of dangerous content to directly stream into our homes and onto the screens of our devices.

We have partnered with KidsWifi to help make your home a safer place. Please contact us if you would like a Kids Wifi unit or would like us to come and speak to a parents group about this issue and provide parents with KidsWifi units. All we ask is that you consider paying this forward so that we can help more families make their homes a safer place.

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