Next Step Ministries - Newsletter

December 2018

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a savior, who is Christ the Lord. Luke 2:11
Silent Night. Holy Night. All is calm. All is bright.

Driving in my car, I heard this song in my head, and I cried.

Jesus, Lord at thy birth
Before Jesus was born, he was not only already a King, but he had taken part in the making of this world. When He spoke, and the world came to be. He bore witness to the sin, debauchery, and violence that wreaked havoc on the world. He was there when the flood wiped out the majority of humanity because of their sin, yet the cycle of sin, abuse, and pain continue. He watched people destroy each other, but He could not force people to change their hearts.

Round yon virgin mother and child, Holy infant so tender and mild.

Jesus was born to a teenage virgin mother who was vulnerable, scared, and at risk of being stoned to death. His humble birth father was there, and His mother had no support in a stinky stable. The King of Kings knew very well what he was coming into, yet he chose to be humble even though he knew he would be cursed, rejected, mocked and not accepted. However, he still chose to accept the sacrifice he would give, willingly.

Shepherds quake at the sight.

The witnesses were not royalty or anyone considered important. Again the humility for a King of Kings to be born this way with no protest, no haughtiness. Instead, the story involves a political refugee, massacre survivor, and blended family.

Are you there with us? There are days at NSM when we are overwhelmed when it feels like we are a tiny raindrop with hurricanes all around us. At times, those we walk alongside leave and go back to old habits, addiction, abusers and reject the offer of grace and hope. Their pain of the unknown or facing their troubled past is just too much to bear without numbing. Have you ever had days when you wonder if the sacrifice is worth it? Are we making a difference? Are you? We are thankful for the example Jesus set.

If Jesus himself was rejected and people didnt choose change for Him, all we can do is follow His example and let people decide for themselves, not giving up; just love them with the humility that Jesus loves all of us with.

We are grateful for each one of you, and how you lift up the women we serve each day! Merry Christmas from all of us at Next Step!
This last year we witnessed Gods faithfulness in every area of NSM. Please stop in and we will share with you some amazing stories of women finding their voices, their true identity and most of all stories of hope. We could not have done this without you. We continue to need support in 2 areas:
1. Please pray for us especially over the next few weeks. It is tough for our participants as for many of them this will be their first sober Christmas. Many have children and will not be able to be with them, and this is very hard.

2. Please consider Next Step Ministries if you want to make a year-end donation. I promise you the donation will go toward helping women exit sexual exploitation.
We are looking for 100 people to donate $25 a month to fully cover the cost of one of the houses. We have 55 people that have signed up so far! We are so excited! Please help us get to the 100 people before the end of December.