May 2019 Newsletter

Next Step Ministries

In light of our new blog series 'Standing Up for Her', we are highlighting our unisex-fit 'Standing Up for Her' shirt, ($28.00 and available in S-XXL) on our Etsy page! Enter code: 'PICKUP' at check out to pick up for free at our office during business hours!

We are currently in the process of creating an online store that will be stocked full with items created personally or directly influenced by the women here at Next Step Ministries. We are excited about the new job training opportunities for our women! As you can see, we hired a new model too, not sure if you recognized him...
Welcome to Denise as our new volunteer coordinator! NSM exists and runs so well in thanks to the incredible amount of volunteer hours donated every month. Denise has a history in ministry and has actually been volunteering with us in our classroom for the past 2 years with art therapy! 
  • Standing up for her blog. New blog series by Katherina Toews focuses on the harmful effects of pornography on society and in relationships. Read the first blog post here "Anti-Exploitation but Pro-Porn".
  • Celebration. Every 8 weeks in our Day Program, each participant works on a celebration project that highlights the victories in her journey. Some women have used art, music, lyrics, vision boards, art, poetry, baking, or any creative outlet to celebrate their triumph over challenges and share their goals. Each woman receives affirmations from staff and co-participants. Many tears are shed and the encouragement received and given is incredibly empowering and motivates each woman to continue on her journey despite setbacks and challenges. One of our participants did a creative project with her daughter. {PICTURE BELOW}  Included in the Rocks Bag were extra rocks that each person was supposed to write a negative thought or behavior on and throw it away! A visual and tangible reminder as well as a physical action that brought healing for both staff and participants.
  • New Intentional Friends program. If you have been an Intentional Friend in the past, or taken training and not yet volunteered and are interested, please email Denise at
  • Finances. As a small non-profit in a downturned economy, we feel the effects in our financial giving. It has been a tough year for us this year with our giving but we continue giving all the glory to God for keeping the doors of our Sparrow houses, our classroom, and our offices open to those that need us and the work we do.  Please consider supporting NSM financially
  • Neighbors in the building. We have an ongoing safety concern as some of the other occupants of our building do not share the same values and recovery goal as we do.  Currently, in our building at this time, we have a biker organization, a recording studio that does raves on the weekends and an online store source for drug paraphernalia; never a dull day!
June 5: Onsite prayer meeting @10:00AM. If you wish to join our justice focused prayer team, please e-mail
  • We need a new roof for Sparrow 1 before winter! If you or someone you know could help us out tangibly or financially, please contact
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