Every day, hundreds of vulnerable women in Calgary feel trapped in their life of sexual exploitation and sex trafficking; with no one to trust and no safe place to escape to

We are on a mission to change that

It happens in your city

When people hear the words human trafficking, they often think of overseas or third world countries. Trafficking happens right here in Canada, in Alberta, in Calgary.

93% of trafficking in Canada is domestic with the average age of entry into exploitation being 12-14 years old.

Source: Joy Smith Foundation: Human Trafficking Facts and Figures.

What we are doing about it

Walking alongside women exiting sexual exploitation as they break the cycles of addiction and abuse.

We offer four programs designed to help bring choice to those with the fewest choices. Offering hope and providing opportunity for women to build a life of freedom and safety.

Everyone deserves a choice and a safe place to exit sexual exploitation

Next Step Ministries (NSM) is a Christian non-profit organization that believes, with our community of supporters, we can make a great impact on this crisis in our lifetime. Our goal is to offer a safe place for every woman who wants to exit sexual exploitation through services offered and intentional partnerships with like-minded agencies.

All videos and photos on website use actors and models for illustrative purposes. We do not post photographs of participants.