Next Step Ministries is a Christian organization that was established in 2010 by Phil and Jackie Reimer to help meet the needs of vulnerable and exploited people in the community of Calgary. Today, NSM has four programs that work together to help women exit sexual exploitation and move towards a life of hope and healing.

Our Vision

Women exiting sexual exploitation and discovering their identity..

Our Mission

To walk alongside women exiting sexual exploitation as they break the cycles of addiction and abuse.

Our Goal

To have a safe place for every woman who wants to exit sexual exploitation.

Core Values

That women know…

Loved By God

When the women in our program realize that the God of all Creation loves them just as they are. This is a powerful truth in their lives that they celebrate and cling to when the things get tough.

Loved By Others

We were created to live in community. While the women are in the program they get to know the staff and many volunteers who love them and stay in contact with them long after they leave Next Step Ministries.

Have Choices

Feeling trapped with no way forward is a terrible state of mind to be in. At Next Step Ministries, the team helps the women explore opportunities, set goals and believes they can achieve them.