Economic Empowerment and Survivor Microenterprises 

Author: Bailea Tayler Economic empowerment is an ongoing barrier for women survivors of sexual exploitation. At NSM, we believe in the creative inspiration of each woman and have developed a microenterprise program to support entrepreneurship in our participants. There are four times more women entrepreneurs today than 40 years ago, and the majority of smallContinue reading “Economic Empowerment and Survivor Microenterprises “

Volunteer Spotlight: Sparrow House Live-in’s 

Author: Bailea Tayler In 2021, our live-in’s completed a combined total of 11,232 hours of volunteer time. This is not only an incredible contribution to the work that NSM is able to do, but also an incredible sacrifice these two women make for the sake of loving survivors of sexual exploitation. Allow us to introduceContinue reading “Volunteer Spotlight: Sparrow House Live-in’s “

Trauma Informed Care and Its Use for Survivors of Sexual Exploitation 

Author: Bailea Tayler For survivors of sexual exploitation, trauma is not a theoretical subject full of possibilities. It is real life, happening in real-time, and is a lifelong journey. Trauma is woven into the very existence of sexual exploitation, for the people who have been exposed to this, it is critical to have public awarenessContinue reading “Trauma Informed Care and Its Use for Survivors of Sexual Exploitation “

Take a Peek into NSM’s Parlour Ministry

Our outreach program is multi-faceted, and a part of this umbrella hub includes building intentional friendships with Calgary’s massage parlours. Our heart is to gain the trust of the women working in parlours by consistently showing up each month to deepen layers of trust and demonstrate that we care. Practically, we do this by showing up withContinue reading “Take a Peek into NSM’s Parlour Ministry”