Bill C-308: The National Strategy to Combat Human Trafficking Act

MP Arnold Viersen joined NSM at our Her Next Chapter Gala last month to bring greetings as the founder of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) to End Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking. This week, he introducedĀ Bill C-308, theĀ National Strategy to Combat Human Trafficking Act. Having spoken with survivors, frontline workers, and law enforcement, Arnold has introduced several other Bills to increase children’s online protection and secure more rights and support for victims.

Bill C-308 will implement essential measures that will ensure the Government of Canada’s efforts to combat human trafficking is effective, long-term, and trauma-informed. 

Bill C-308 requires:  

  • The Government of Canada to maintain a national strategy to combat human trafficking   
  •  The strategy to include objectives and timelines  
  •  A review every five years and outlines the framework for consultations 
  •  An annual report tabled in Parliament on the government’s progress in combating human trafficking  
  •  The Minister of Public Safety to ‘make every reasonable effort’ to fulfill the obligations of Canada under fundamental international conventions we have signed relating to human trafficking

This Bill will ensure that Canada undertakes a long-term approach to ending human trafficking that centres the voices of survivors, provides robust supports, puts more traffickers in jail, and empowers Canadians to tackle this crime in their communities.


“Our organization has been supporting women impacted by Human Trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation for over 12 years. Too often, we felt like a lone voice battling this evil; however, over the last couple of years, we have been encouraged to see this issue coming to the forefront of government agendas. Now that this issue is being exposed, we can address it even though the battle will not be easy. Many powerful people make fortunes on the backs of what they consider a ‘throw away population.’ This unfortunate problem is present in all of our communities, schools, businesses, and churches. Making it a priority through awareness, adequate funding, and accountability at the highest levels will allow agencies like ours to provide support to those who are escaping the grips of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.”

– George McGregor | Executive Director, Next Step Ministries