Trauma Informed Care and Its Use for Survivors of Sexual Exploitation 

Author: Bailea Tayler For survivors of sexual exploitation, trauma is not a theoretical subject full of possibilities. It is real life, happening in real-time, and is a lifelong journey. Trauma is woven into the very existence of sexual exploitation, for the people who have been exposed to this, it is critical to have public awarenessContinue reading “Trauma Informed Care and Its Use for Survivors of Sexual Exploitation “

Work Experience Training for Women’s Empowerment 

We’re so excited at Next Step Ministries (NSM) to share our latest employment initiative for women survivors of sexual exploitation! 💜  NSM started an 8-week work experience training for the women we serve to learn general business information and then gain hands-on experience in coffee roasting or screen printing. This has come in response toContinue reading “Work Experience Training for Women’s Empowerment “