Fighting Trafficking through Real Estate: Purpose Realty

Spring is here! For Canadians, this means it’s the most active time seasonally in the real estate market. In case you didn’t know, our partners at Purpose Realty are fundraising for Next Step Ministries! Purpose Realty is a group of competent, ethical, and professional real estate agents who are taking the opportunities provided them inContinue reading “Fighting Trafficking through Real Estate: Purpose Realty”

Value of Employment Experience

Author: Susan Hendry “For The Sparrows is a social enterprise under Next Step Ministries that directly empowers survivors of sexual exploitation through employment in our production line. Often the women in the program make great strides in healing and recovery but struggle to become financially self-sufficient due to various employment barriers and economic vulnerabilities. OurContinue reading “Value of Employment Experience”

Take a Peek into NSM’s Parlour Ministry

Our outreach program is multi-faceted, and a part of this umbrella hub includes building intentional friendships with Calgary’s massage parlours. Our heart is to gain the trust of the women working in parlours by consistently showing up each month to deepen layers of trust and demonstrate that we care. Practically, we do this by showing up withContinue reading “Take a Peek into NSM’s Parlour Ministry”