Day Program

Day Program Goal: Breaking the cycles of addiction and abuse and discovering her identity

“I know where I am, I know where I am going. I am with you guys and you are with God, and this journey because God doesn’t do anything that is not spectacular.”
– Participant Quote

While the women are in Sparrow House, they attend classes in the Day Program throughout the week where they work on lifestyle recovery. We work through a whole-istic approach, the person as a whole: body, mind, emotion, will, spirit. Within the day program we teach around life skills, emotional skills and working on their individual healing journey. All curriculum and classes are facilitated through a trauma informed lens. We understand the connection between a traumatic lifestyle, toxic stress and the impact on the brain. Our program is designed to balance the left and right brain and literally help rewire the brain into healthy patterns and behaviours.

Each participant is connected with a key worker who provides one on one support for the women and helps them to set goals, provide any kind of supported when needed. The participants attend class four days a week and the curriculum focuses on recovery and life skills.  Trauma-informed counselling is also available when the women are ready.

All staff are Brain Story Certified and practice trauma-informed care.