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Freedom 8848 Everest ChallengeAugust 19-22: Individuals and teams will climb mountains to raise funds, awareness and most of all empathy for those who have experienced sexual exploitation and trafficking. NSM is proud to be the Restoration Partner of Freedom 8848 alongside BRAVE Education for Trafficking Prevention as the Prevention Partner, and International Justice Mission (IJM) as the Rescue Partner.

You can join as an athlete in four ways:
1. Full summit – 8848m elevation gain – 9 mountains in 3 days
2. Base camp – 5600m elevation gain – 6 mountains in 3 days
3. Mountain Mover – 3000m elevation gain – 3 mountains in 3 days
4. Remote Everest Challenge – Teams of participants will collectively climb 8848m as a team in their desired location – you can participate wherever you are, you don’t even have to leave your home.

For more information on the tiers and how to join, click HERE. If none of those sound like your speed and you prefer to contribute monetarily, click HERE.

Monthly Prayer Meeting: If you wish to join our justice focused prayer team, please e-mail

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