Every Step Campaign

Traffickers are harvesting victims daily over the internet because they have a captive audience through online social media. There is new software that allows predators to disguise their voices and facial image. Often youth are unaware of who they are talking to online because of this software. 

At NSM, we want to meet victims of sexual exploitation at every step in their journey to engage in prevention efforts. In July, in light of World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, we started the Every Step Campaign, pursuing an avenue to disrupt dangerous online predators through new software called Freedom Signal. This software assists in developing ongoing relationships through texting with victims of online sexual exploitation. 

Thanks to your generosity, the Every Step Campaign raised $12,502 before donation matches towards the purchase of Freedom Signal Technology! Thank you for your ongoing support and investment in the lives of vulnerable women. We are grateful to expand our prevention and awareness efforts across Canada. NSM is the first to access this software in Western Canada, giving us a massive advantage in mitigating the national human trafficking crisis.

We have been non-stop celebrating the way the Next Step Ministries community has rallied to support this initiative. Freedom Signal will allow our outreach teams to engage in trust-building relationships with women while in the midst of exploitation, and we are confident it will be game-changing for our outreach program!

Click here to find out the full details on Freedom Signal.