Follow Care

Follow Care Goals: She knows that she is loved by our team, loved by God, and that she has choices

“I never thought of the possibility of finding work or a career that is in alignment with my strengths before. I can’t believe I am going for my goals now and reaching them.”
– Participant Quote

Our Follow Care program exists so that once the women have left the program we can continue to support them. We help the women get permanent independent housing, find a job or follow their educational goals. We also want to keep a long-term relationship with them, and continue to offer them counselling by a trauma-informed therapist.

Participants are able to access staff support at any time. There is no time limit for women to access support after they have left the program. We’re available for phone calls, to meet up when they feel lonely or triggered, bring extra food, and provide references when needed. We encourage past participants to come and share in the classroom, attend meetings and events with current participants to encourage them as they are beginning their journey.