An Invitation from Our Events Team


We hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend and had an opportunity to reflect on all we have been blessed with. Our thoughts are filled with gratitude for you.  As a faithful donor, you are the reason we can show God’s redeeming love to vulnerable women in Calgary. 

Each day, Next Step Ministries receives calls from women escaping danger, desperate for safe refuge and support in coping with trauma that renders them hopeless.  Because of you, every call is answered. While we do not have the capacity in our housing and day program for everyone who calls, we continue to grow and support women in several additional ways. With your kind support, we have grown from supporting an average of 17 women a month to 75; we anticipate this number to increase greater still as the colder months are upon us. 

Be it the church, social service agencies, governments, corporations, or individuals providing support, it will take all of us to end sexual exploitation, the fastest-growing crime in Canada. The courage we witness in the women we support fuels our desire to extend our support even further.  We celebrate and are grateful for the women who have gone through the program and now use their gifts to support others trying to escape. 

We acknowledge that post-pandemic, the cost of living and other stressors is common in families. Many of us must make different choices in our spending and giving patterns. Rest assured; we will continue to be good stewards of your donation by stretching your dollars further so even more desperate women can be free.  

It is our hope you can join us at our upcoming Gala Fundraiser ‘Her Next Chapter,’ on November 5th at the new Atco Park Blue Flame Kitchen here in Calgary.

We look forward to celebrating with you, acknowledging all the work God has done to care for this ministry. With your support, the women in our programs will know there is a caring community that loves her. 

Sincere thanks and may God bless your next steps. 

For the Events team, 

Pamela Werkman