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It's been some time since we could celebrate, in-person and face-to-face, at Next Step Ministries. With that chapter closing behind us, we think it's time to turn the page and express all the energy and passion we've stored up for the past two years. So, we're hosting a celebration to mark the start of something new, and we're inviting you to participate in Her Next Chapter.

God's faithfulness has endured

We wouldn't have made it on our own. The needs of our most vulnerable compounded as the months flipped by, throwing new challenges in the way of advocating for and assisting women in exploitation and trafficking. But throughβ€” and we would say especially in the midst of uncertaintyβ€” God's faithfulness has endured, empowering Next Step Ministries and the women we serve to meet the storm head on.

Her Next Chapter will bring together compassionate, influential members of the local community, including social agencies, businesses, churches, and cultural and philanthropic communities. We'll take the evening to acknowledge the chapters behind us and celebrate the pages we have yet to fill together. You'll catch some encouraging entertainment, enjoy a late dinner, and hear from our special guests.

You'll hear the women we're privileged to support as they share powerful testimonies of breaking free from cycles of sexual exploitation. We invite you to listenβ€” to stories of survival, perseverance, refuge, and the deep breath of new lifeβ€” and join us as we make bold strokes towards healing with those impacted by sexual exploitation.

We trust the next chapter because we know

the Author.

Reach Out

Opportunities are available immediately. Know that you’ll be offering choices to women exiting sexual exploitation right here in Calgary. With your generous support and the dedication of our many volunteers, we’ve created a community of loveβ€” one that lets survivors and their families know they are no longer alone.

Hope exists, recovery is possible, and we will get thereβ€” together.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the perks of sponsorship, don't hesitate to reach out to our Director of Development, Sharon Kilbourn, or download our silent auction donation form.

Donate or Partner

Sponsorship is not the only way to get involved in this year's Gala!


We'd love to promote your business while you help us raise much needed fundsβ€” Consider donating a product or service for our guests to bid on in the silent auction.


If neither of these options are a fit for you, you can also provide a service at the event. The possibilities are many; printing services, keepsakes for our guests, centerpieces for each table, or anything else you provide as an In-Kind Partner helps us and is a great way to showcase your brand.