NSM Team

Every member of NSM is dedicated to the fight against exploitation.

NSM Executive Team

Pamela Werkman – Operations Lead



Jacquie Meyer
Founder & Executive Director

HER Victory was founded by current program leader Jacquie Meyer, who has been involved with the Victory Outreach Foundation for over 20 years. Armed with an entrepreneurial spirit from her youth and a professional background in strategic business development, investment and commercial property management and owning/operating her own business for over 20 years, Jacquie has the unique knowledge, experience and empathy required to facilitate and enable HER Victory to make an impact in women’s lives.

She has immersed herself in the social community to further her understanding and knowledge to assist women in crisis. Her passion and compassion for women caught in the sex trade, women who are at risk of/are being trafficked and/or sexually exploited is evident in her work to rally and network with various agencies in order to advocate and provide effective assistance to those who need it.

Scott Smith
Board Chair

I grew up in St. Louis and I married my grade school sweetheart, Kim.  She is definitely the “better half” and still the most amazing person I know.  After graduating with a BSc. in Petroleum Engineering, we moved to Alaska and worked with many amazing people and had two little Eskimos ourselves.  Our two adult sons, both engineers, have wonderful families and live in Denver and Calgary, respectively.  We have two grandkids that keep us young and spending time with them is pure joy. 😊

After 8 years in Alaska, we decided to travel for 6 months and start work back in the Lower 48.  On our travels, we stopped in Calgary and God stopped us in our tracks and said “you have arrived!”  Thirty years later we still call Calgary home.  So many great & caring people & a city abuzz with an entrepreneurial spirit. 

I have many passions; baseball, business, music, and spending time with family and friends but my heart is to build, serve, and laugh.  I love the energy business and worked for Renaissance Energy before undertaking one of my life long goals of building a successful oil company from the ground up.  It was a great adventure and went on to do it several times as well as build a real estate company.  Outside of work, I’ve coached a LOT of baseball (3 Youth World Series teams), been involved in several church plants, helped lead mission trips to Mexico, served on the board of the Victory Foundation, was part of converting the old Ogden hotel into a 60-man housing project, and now sponsoring a refugee family of six from Sudan – it’s pretty fun to watch kids experience a TV or refrigerator for the first time! 😊

HER Victory is a young, grassroots, boots-on-the-ground, action-oriented, front-line Calgary ministry serving those victimized by human trafficking.  I love seeing how God is working daily in the lives of the ladies we are helping and whom deserve the same hope and healing as our own children.  Great things are happening.  The organization is growing and more lives are being changed forever each day.  I encourage you to jump in – there is no greater joy than seeing a life changed.  “So, if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed!”  Jn 8:36

Becky Bradbury
Board Member

Becky Bradbury is a Certified Trauma Professional with training in Traumatology, Suicidology, and Nursing. She comes to Her Victory with a history of walking alongside vulnerable people during her time at Next Step Ministries, before that, she worked as a nurse in a variety of roles. She is a wife, mother, and volunteers with her church and other organizations like Her Victory that are close to her heart.

Carey Thiessen
Board Member

As a young married couple, Carey & his wife, Shirley, took a transfer to Calgary in 1989 from Vancouver with his job at Canadian Airlines. 

His career path took a variety of directions including Executive Director of Kerith Creek Retreat Centre. He developed and built a clergy care facility providing an 8-day intensive counselling program for our clergy clients. Currently, Focus on the Family is continuing the operation and vision of this ministry.

As the Exec Pastor at First Alliance, Carey served on the senior leadership team. He oversaw initiatives that resulted in major growth. Carey oversaw a large expansion of the facilities.

For four years, Carey was the controller for Expander Engineering Services managing up to 30 staff with projects totaling over $250 M.

In December 2021, Carey stepped into the position of Pastor of Operations at Centre St Church. He led in operational support of the church’s 5 campuses. With a desire to lean fully into grief ministry, Carey chose to resign in March 2023. 

Currently, Carey is co-founder and CFO of CornerBend Grief Ministries. Grief literacy is the focus of their mission. 

Carey is delighted to be a new grandfather. His grandson, Jameson belongs to daughter, Chantel, and her husband, Addison. Carey’s son, Jordan, moved on to Heaven in 2012 and is responsible, in part, for Carey’s desire to compassionately support those who grieve. 

Phyllis Brinkerhoff
Board Member – Secretary

Phyllis was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. At age 17, she ventured west; attracted by the Rocky Mountains and excited about the U. of Colorado’s progressive Bachelor of Sc. in Pharmacy program.  It was during those years in Boulder that she met her Canadian husband-to-be, Bob.

Phyllis secured her license to practice pharmacy in Canada once they moved to Calgary. After having children (motherhood being her passion) she reduced her workload to part-time so that she could be home with her young children.

Her 25 year involvement within the non-profit sector has been with the Victory Outreach Foundation as Secretary, Fundraiser, and Board Member.  In 1992, Phyllis and 4 girlfriends renovated and furnished VOF’s first Women’s Shelter in Victoria Park. The awareness she gained during the Vic Park project, made her acutely aware of her many blessings, and solidified her quest to help women in need.

Phyllis’s interests and accomplishments include; raising three successful daughters, a 53 year marriage, relishing in the joy of spending time with her 7 grandchildren, becoming a student of painting and figurative drawing, writing, and completing a 4 year circumnavigation with Bob.

Phil & Jackie Reimer
Board Advisors

HER Victory is honoured to have Phil and Jackie Reimer serve as advisors to our ministry. They have devoted more than 20 years in their efforts to hep women exit sexual exploitation. Phil and Jackie were the founders of Next Step Ministries.

Donna Hastings
Board Advisor

Donna was previously CEO in western Canada with the Heart & Stroke Foundation. She is now a partner with Ideal Consulting, coaching boards and leaders. Donna brings over 30 years of leadership experience from local, national, and global organizations to Next Step Ministries, now known as HER Victory.