NSM Story

β€œThe road to recovery is often a road to discovery as the women learn who they really are and that they have worth and value beyond measure as daughters of God.”

– Phil Reimer, Founder –

Phil and Jackie Reimer sensed God was calling them out of the established church to minister to the poor and vulnerable in the city of Calgary in 2010. They began by coming alongside agencies that were helping the poor and enlisting help from groups of people in the church. They served at several local agencies on a regular basis and found out the needs in the city. They each were working full time and serving downtown monthly. Then Phil was called into a crisis situation to an agency helping women and children.

They began to volunteer there weekly and found out the needs within the organization. It was through this experience that it became clear there was not enough help for these women in Calgary or all of Alberta for that matter. The faith component was ultimately the instrumental driving force. They wanted people to be given the option, at least of introducing Jesus into their recovery journey. A board was formed and soon after they received their charitable status. The board encouraged the team to focus on one area of ministry only and the decision was made to help women exit sexual exploitation.  In November, 2013 the first house was opened and the Day Program began at Highland MB Church.


Women exiting sexual exploitation and discovering their identity.


To walk alongside women exiting sexual exploitation as they break the cycles of addiction and abuse.


To have a safe place for every woman who wants to exit sexual exploitation.