"You have no judgement; I hear that in your voice." -Participant Quote

Outreach Goal: Meeting her where she is at

The NSM Outreach Program meets women where they are at. We use a harm-reduction approach and work with women to collaborate and work together on her next steps. We have created key partnerships with like-minded agencies to offer women access to the resources of their choice to support their unique goals.

Supports offered:

  • Identification
  • Income support
  • Basic needs
  • Shelter
  • Treatment
  • Housing support
  • Court support
  • Legal support
  • Community group

Referral criteria: none. All those who are vulnerable to or who have been exploited are welcome to our outreach program. Please contact our outreach coordinator, Katiera by phone 587-434-1381 or email katiera@nextstepministries.ca.

Contact Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30am-4:30pm

We also offer case management, resourcing and connection for women who may not be looking for residential support at this time. We aim to engage in relationships that build emotional, physical and spiritual health.

Stroll Outreach

The majority of regular outreach ministry takes place in S.E. Calgary on a ‘stoll’ area where we know that workers in the sex trade are consistently present. We go out on the stroll walk to meet with these workers, providing ‘refresh packs with necessities, such as toiletries, packaged food items and also small luxuries like makeup. We also provide cold weather items and offer referrals to local services if needed and have conversations with the ‘regulars, working to guage their needs and how we can best help. Continue reading…

Parlour Outreach

We have been building intentional friendships in Calgary’s massage parlours for over 6 years. Currently we reach 20 parlours in Calgary with 1-5 ladies working in each. The majority of the ladies in Calgary’s massage parlours come from SE Asia and are here to send money back home to family.

Our heart is to gain the trust of the women inside by consistently showing up each month to show we care. Continue reading…