Outreach Goals: Meeting her where she is at

“He put you square dab on my path… You have touched and changed my life in so many ways.”

– Participant Quote

The Outreach Program meets people where they are at. We use a harm-reduction approach and have created key partnerships with like minded agencies to be able to help women access resources and create an exit plan for those ready to move forward.

One of the questions we ask is: are you done?

If the answer is no, then we can continue to build relationships, pray with them, love them and help access services that can help keep them safer and healthier.

If the answer is yes, we can more forward to create an exit plan, working to access resources while she gets the first stage support needed.

We also offer case management, resourcing and connection for women who may not be looking for residential support at this time. Our goal is to engage in relationships that build emotional, physical and spiritual health.