Social Enterprise

"I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for the social enterprise and Follow Care at NSM. In the past I didn't have this, and I couldn't keep sober, but now I am not only keeping sober but thriving in a safe, Christ-centered workplace."

- Participant Quote
*Please note that our Social Enterprise program is not accepting new requests or sales orders as our organization transitions to Her Victory. You can contact them at
For the Sparrows: under the business of NSM.  
  • Provides work-experience training for the women in our program
  • Brings awareness of sexual exploitation to customers
  • Empowers participants through our curated products and brand
  • Pursues opportunities that generate revenues for NSM
Microenterprise: a survivor’s small business start up. 
  • Work with participant to begin a small startup in a safe way
  • Provide an opportunity for the participants to gain confidence in their existing skills while offering support and mentorship
  • Provide funds to help participants be better prepared for their future once they exit the NSM program and beyond