Sponsor a Survivor

At NSM, we build relationships with the participants and their families. This bond doesn’t end when a woman moves on from our program. We continue to support her as she pursues healthy opportunities and creates new futures.

We have gathered the Christmas lists of our alumni and their families and would love to have these gifts waiting for them for Christmas. Thank you to everyone who has already offered to purchase these gifts; we have four women left to buy for! 

Would you consider sponsoring one or more of these women for Christmas 2021?

If you’d like to purchase for one of these women, please let us know; each woman’s list is approximately $100 worth of items. You can choose to donate, and we will do the shopping for you, OR if you’d like to pick up these items and drop them off at our office, we will ensure they are wrapped and ready to go under the tree!

Please contact us if you want to sponsor a survivor!

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