Take a Peek into NSM’s Parlour Ministry

Our outreach program is multi-faceted, and a part of this umbrella hub includes building intentional friendships with Calgary’s massage parlours. Our heart is to gain the trust of the women working in parlours by consistently showing up each month to deepen layers of trust and demonstrate that we care. Practically, we do this by showing up with a little gift for them, usually flowers, snacks, or beauty packs. The gifts often act as an icebreaker to start conversations that can later flourish into friendships that last for years.  We are also there to offer prayer, supports for any needs they have, or if they are interested in seeking exit resources. Earning their trust takes consistency and effort, but we have seen that God can do incredible things through these relationships! 
Last year, we began journeying with a woman to help her get into detox and treatment. She is the first madam (parlour owner) ever to reach out to our team and ask for help! Another woman we’ve known for a couple years has left her parlour to pursue other options for her life. She is planning to either move provinces to be with her daughter or go back to China and spend quality time with family. We couldn’t be happier for her! 

We have been building intentional friendships in Calgary’s massage parlours for over 6 years. Currently, we reach 20 parlours in Calgary with 1-5 ladies working in each. The majority of ladies in Calgary’s massage parlours come from Southeast Asia to financially support their family abroad. 

We are currently visiting 1/2 of Calgary’s massage parlour population and one daydream of building relationships in every parlour in this city! Over the years, we have found most of the ladies we interact with are looking for a listening ear and to be heard; however, they are often hesitant to express their needs due to various cultural norms. Low and slow relationship building is the key to meaningfully and intentionally building trust and friendship. 

If you would like to know more or are interested in volunteering with parlour, you can contact brittany@nextstepministries.ca