Work Experience Training for Women’s Empowerment 

We’re so excited at Next Step Ministries (NSM) to share our latest employment initiative for women survivors of sexual exploitation! 💜 

NSM started an 8-week work experience training for the women we serve to learn general business information and then gain hands-on experience in coffee roasting or screen printing. This has come in response to providing more intentional work training and business education. NSM and For the Sparrows (FTS) collectively work together but have separate roles in executing this exciting initiative.

The women who decide to participate go through 4 weeks of basic educational training and then finish with four weeks of hands-on training either at the FTS printing press or Kingdom Coffee roastery. If women have already graduated the NSM program and wish to participate in the employment initiative, they can skip the curriculum step and go straight to hands-on training! 

The first of our alumni, two outstanding women, chose to participate in the screen-printing stream with FTS and successfully completed the 8-week training! Earlier this month, they invited a few staff members to present all they learned. They confidently explained and walked the staff through the process from the beginning with an idea to set it up, burn it on a screen, and print the final clothing design. It was amazing to see these two women work together to support and troubleshoot together.

It was our joy to see the community they are building and all the excitement radiating from them as they revealed their final product and accomplishments.  

This initiative has provided and will continue to offer valuable skills-based training to enhance the women’s capacity while providing the practical needs of merchandise! 

One year ago today, I imagined designing and creating my own clothing that brought awareness about the struggle of drug and alcohol addiction. I collaborated with FTS and NSM and made this happen! These ladies had the same dream! They began a screen printing business and blessed me with the amazing opportunity to learn the process. Now I can see my design on clothing and continue to develop and grow my business, thanks to God, and these ladies, and organizations. It feels so good and lifegiving!”
– Alumni Quote

If you want to be involved in this new opportunity which ultimately employs women survivors, you can learn more about For the Sparrows printing press here: