July 2019 Newsletter

Next Step Ministries

Over the past few months, we have been experiencing some significant financial difficulties. God has reminded us recently of how He provided for the children of Israel; just enough for what they needed each day (Exodus 16: 4, 11, 13).  One of the ways we have seen evidence of God providing daily manna (bread) is through Cobs Bread, which is delivered bi-weekly from Chris and Bettie Lim and the team at Varsity Bible Church. Last month God also provided the quail (chicken) through Crowfoot KFC!  We now get a weekly delivery of frozen KFC chicken for our sparrow houses, and we share the abundance with our friends over at Victory Outreach Church!  We are blessed and thankful that God provides in new and creative ways every month!
  • New roof for Sparrow 1. Planning for the new roof is coming together, excited to share more soon!
  • Donation needs exceeding our expectations! Last month we had an urgent donation need for new packages underwear for our participants and we had an amazing response! Thank you to those who donated! 
  • Prayer time. Our monthly prayer times have been a huge encouragement, and we are very thankful to have one of our former live-ins, Deborah, who recently spent two years in Israel be apart of that.
  • Real break throughs happening. God's redeeming stories and helping women find freedom in the Day Program, and in our Follow-Care Program, Jackie was able to be with a former participant while she delivered her baby.
  • BRAVE Communications Youth Safety and Empowerment Camp at Tsuu T'ina Nation. Next Step was grateful to be a part of this camp and teach an Anti-Grooming Exercise to the youth.
  • Short staffed last month. We had challenges with being short staffed last month while being over capacity, however, we are very excited to have Shannon start a new position with us on July 15th! 
  • A participant chose to exit NSM and to move back into an unsafe relationship. These exits are incredibly hard on staff, volunteers, and co-participants, but we choose to continue to support this woman and hope she makes choices for her own safety.
We started a hydroponic garden! Hydroponics is a method of soilless growing, and the system needs plants, water, light, and nutrients from fish in order to function. The participants love seeing the plants, and thinking about how every part is needed to in order for the plants to grow; it highlights how each of us are all essential parts needed in our community!
Sparrow house was at 120% capacity over the month of May due to our emergency bed being accessed and emergency intakes.
Cost is not a barrier for women who need to access our services. This is why we are so grateful for the donations we receive. We recently had a woman in a program that was unable to pay rent for the nearly 3 months she was here and was able to be fully supported, thanks to your generous support.
We want to encourage everyone to become educated on how to build a healthy brain through this free training! Currently, all of us at Next Step are certified or are in the process of being certified with the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative: Brain Science Certification.
This certification was created by the Palix Foundation to develop a shared understanding of the intergenerational effects of toxic stress, mental health, and addiction at different ages and stages of development.
June 26 - July (31): #HerNextStep Campaign. Bringing awareness to the issue of sexual exploitation in Calgary and raising $25,000 to support the operations of one of our houses for a year. Donate HERE.
August 7: Onsite prayer meeting @10:00AM. Justice focused prayer meetings are hosted the first Wednesday of every month, If you wish to join our prayer team, please e-mail info@nextstepministries.ca
October 5: Ride For Refuge.  Join us for the annual Ride for Refuge cycling/walking fundraiser. Sign up HERE.
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