September 2019 Newsletter

Next Step Ministries


You can make a difference in the life of a woman who has been exploited and is looking for a way out. On Saturday, October 5th, we will be participating in Ride for Refuge at the C3 Church beside Calaway Park just west of Calgary. This is a family-friendly cycling/walking fundraiser that supports hundreds of charities across Canada, who in turn support thousands more displaced, vulnerable, or exploited people - refugees, orphans, widows, at-risk youth, homeless, victims or survivors of human trafficking. We are looking for people to join a team and ride or walk for Next Step Ministries. The Ride is a fundraiser, but with no obligation to raise a certain amount. If you do raise $150, you get an event shirt! It is not a race; people bicycle or walk at a leisurely pace, and others go crazy and kick it to fill speed for 50km. It's totally your call.

You can sign up to participate or make a donation to Next Step Ministries, a team or a person HERE.

  • First career day. Our first-ever career day was a huge hit! We will be profiling female entrepreneurs and leaders every month. Career day was filled with sanding, filling, painting, scraping, drilling and various finishes that went into finishing old cupboard doors and turning them into beautiful trays. Denise Cormier was our entrepreneur of the month!
  • Camping trip. We had the opportunity to take the women in Program on a day camping trip Each woman experienced a personal victory. (Thank you to Karen for sharing your beautiful space with us!)
  • Drumheller. The ladies had an opportunity to go check out the dinosaurs and the hoodoos! 
  • Merchandise. We have some very exciting things involving merch going forward! Stay tuned for some exciting announcements coming soon. Including a partnership with Village Artisan.
  • Planet Organic. Through Varsity Bible Church, volunteers have been dropping off unsold produce from Planet Organic weekly!
  • Dinner with Martha. Every Wednesday night Martha volunteers her time to teach the women life skills around cooking, baking, and food prep using the donated foods from Planet Organic to their full capacity. 
  • Challenges for graduated participants. When it comes to finding long-term housing, jobs, and pursuing education, these can be major challenges for the women in our programs who have experienced sexual exploitation and they still have many barriers.  
  • Funding a participant: We currently have a participant in the program who cannot access funding. If you are able to help support her and cover her costs for rent, food, and living expenses, that would be greatly appreciated.
  • 50 active volunteers. Last month we had over 50 active volunteers for NSM. Thank you to each of you!
  • 101sth move into sparrow house since open! That is 101 women walking through the door since November 15th, 2013. We have our supporters to thank for making that possible!
  • Live-In. Our time with our current live-in is coming to a close, and we are looking for a new volunteer to take over. If you are interested or want to learn more, please contact Becky at (403)470-9068 or
  • Alberta Light magazine. We were featured in a magazine article! Check it out HERE
October 3: Onsite prayer meeting @10:00AM. Justice focused prayer meetings are hosted the first Wednesday of every month, If you wish to join our prayer team, please e-mail
October 5: Ride For Refuge.  Join us for the annual Ride for Refuge cycling/walking fundraiser. Sign up HERE.
November 30: Social Good Market. Free entry. We will be accepting cash and food/pantry donations at the door which will go toward our Sparrow Houses. Please email Kendra at if you're interested in becoming a vendor!
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