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March 2021 Newsletter
This month's focus: OUTREACH MINISTRY
A Message from the Executive Director
Ever wonder what happens within the Outreach Program at Next Step Ministries? Watch Phil, in the above video, as he answers five questions during an inpromptu office visit - on another busy day in the life of ministry work. 
When thinking of all the outreach happening under Next Step Ministries, I'm reminded of the story Jesus told, in Matthew 22: vs.1-14.

In the story, Jesus describes the Kingdom of Heaven like a King preparing a wedding feast for His son. They sent out all the invites but many refused to come. They had excuses like taking care of their cattle, attending to business or working in a field. They were too busy to be at the King's banquet. So the King sent word to go out to the street corners and into back alleys and invite people to the banquet, saying, 'Bring anyone you can find!' As Christians, our calling is to go to where people are at - whether it be on a street corner or back alley - and invite them to the Lord’s banquet.

This quarter, Next Step Ministries was able to do exactly that, bring the Kingdom of God and His banquet table to many in our community, to those that feel they are not going to 'get an invite.' What an awesome experience to bring people to the table of God and let them feel and experience His love.

Please read on as we share with you the many things God is doing in our midst as we reach out and invite people to experience the Kingdom of God on earth.

Thanks for being on this mission with us!
Because of donors like you, this was possible:
Nicole* is currently living a life in exploitation in our city and attended the recent community outreach dinner hosted by Next Step Ministries and HerVictory. It was her first time at an outreach event. She was alone, hesitant and unsure of why she was there. She was able to connect with one of the volunteers and expressed how impacted and moved to tears she was by the love and messages of hope she heard that evening.

Nicole* returned this past Sunday morning to Eastside Victory for their church service where members of the congregation prayed with her and listened to the many struggles she is going through. She now feels she has a friend, some sense of community and someone she can lean on and come to for help. This is a new beginning for Shauna*. 
Community Partner Spotlight:

HER Victory, specifically, under the support of the Victory Outreach Foundation, works directly with any girls or women who are impacted by and/or presently being sexually exploited, are a victim of domestic violence, or fleeing crisis. Their goal is to reach every female effected, in this city, and restore hope and advocate for HER. Their doors are open Tuesday – Thursday, meet each individual where they are at and offer hot showers, emergency food and clothing, hot meals, a safe place to rest, care packages, AHS basic testing, direct support, stage one and two resource referrals, future plan and goal setting, support and most importantly we develop weekly trusting relationships with these women to walk with them in their journey to healing and restoration. 

Next Step Ministries' stroll outreach and community dinners would not be possible without the partnership and ongoing support from HER Victory.
Do you know what 'the stroll' is?
The majority of regular outreach ministry takes place in S.E. Calgary on a 'stoll' area where we know that workers in the sex trade are consistently present. We go out on the stroll walk to meet with these workers, providing 'refresh packs with necessities, such as toiletries, packaged food items and also small luxuries like makeup. We also provide cold weather items and offer referrals to local services if needed and have conversations with the 'regulars, working to guage their needs and how we can best help. Continue reading...
We are building trusting relationships through presence, provision, and compassion.
Volunteer Spotlight: Terry - Stroll Outreach Lead
Q: What inspires you most about doing this type of work?
A: The women we work with are my inspiration. Every day they rise to meet the challenge of their lives with strength …despite the oppression and exploitation. It is so incredibly courageous to decide to exit, to work to change their lives for the is SUCH hard work.
I cannot do that part for them, but I can love and encourage them, help meet their practical needs, walk alongside them through the muck and mire, offer a hand out, a hand up or just a hand to hold. I consider it a privilege to serve. Continue reading...
Why Outreach Ministry is Critical:
'Last month, we found *Julie on a stairwell, high and needing assistance and the DOAP team was called to find her a safe place to become sober, but was 16th in line to receive help, so it was clearly God's timing that we were there.' 

“Somebody save me, save me from myself. I’ve spent so long living in hell. I opened my eyes this morning. I wish I hadn’t.” Words from the dumpsters at a site the outreach volunteers commonly visit - where women we visit often live behind.
Outreach Supply Needs:
Stroll Refresh Packs: We have a good supply of toiletries but are looking specifically for $5 fast food gift cards (McDonalds, A&W, Tim Hortons) and packaged food/snack items.

Contents for Purse Packs – April Community Dinner: We will hold our Easter Community Dinner in April and during this event, we give out gently used purses filled with necessities and small luxuries. We received so many beautiful purses over the past few months but are still looking for small luxury items such as fashion scarves and jewelry. If you have some of these gently used items, please contact Terry for drop off or pick up.
Opportunities to Serve:
Stroll Walk Monthly: Typically the last Friday of each month & includes: walking, praying, engaging with women on the stroll in Forest Lawn, relationship building, gifting a ‘refresh pack’

Volunteer needs: Small teams of 3-8 volunteers, including men and women and one or two teams for 1.5 – 2 hours starting at 7:30 P.M.
Prayer Requests:
Thank you, for your support throughout this difficult season. Nothing of any great importance in ministry outreach happens without prayer.

Please pray for our partnerships, for fruitfulness in our activities, for strengthening relationships with those women in need, for the courage the women needing to step out in readiness to look for a new and healthier life.
Upcoming Events

March 8th: Volunteer Training @ 7:00 p.m. Training will be held via Zoom. If you would like to attend, please e-mail 

March 10th: Prayer Meeting @ 7:00 p.m. If you wish to join our justice focused prayer team, please e-mail

March 11th: Mobile Drop-In Initiative with Streetlight

March 12th: Parlour Outreach
* will be highlighted in an upcoming newsletter

March 26th: Stroll Outreach

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