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April 2021 Newsletter
National Volunteer Week

April 18-24, 2021 marks the 20th Anniversary of National Volunteer Week, and so we want to celebrate the impact that happens when we come together and walk alongside survivors of sexual exploitation.

This year at NSM, we have seen volunteers stepping up in incredible ways to serve women, and so we are going to start the week off profiling just a few of our 100+ amazing volunteers dedicated to this ministry and mission. Each and every one of our volunteers make a valuable contribution, and we are beyond grateful. We truly couldn't do this without you!

Did you know?
  • The live-in's we have in both second-stage houses are volunteers
  • In 2020, live-ins alone volunteered a combined total of 11,680 hours!
  • Participants also volunteer as a part of the day program
  • NSM hosts a monthly volunteer training for professional development 
  • A revised volunteer webpage has recently launched online
Volunteer Spotlight: Adrian + Breanne Gilchrist

"We are inspired by the people who serve with NSM, their hearts are for the vulnerable, and they walk in faith, making an eternal difference in people's lives. We are inspired by the women who “are done” and take the step to make a change and reach out for help from NSM. We are inspired that Jesus is at the center of it all."

Adrian and Breanne Gilchrist have been an amazing addition to our volunteer team.  They have been regular volunteers on the Stroll for the past 7 months and will now be leading their own Stroll team with many volunteers they have recruited themselves. Adrian is involved with NSM's growing social enterprise, and Breanne is a regular volunteer at Victory Outreach, helping to connect women to NSM as they come in from the streets. 

Volunteer Spotlight: Esther Aichele
"When I became aware of the role of the traffickers and the users and abusers in the lives of women on the street, I asked the Lord to give me a servant heart to assist these women to step into the freedom He originally designed for them. I appreciate that there are many different opportunities in NSM that can help build in these women the ability to trust, with the goal being that they trust and love the Lord. The vision, dedication, kindness, and compassion of all the leaders in NSM make it a joy to be a part of this ministry."

Esther Aichele has not let Covid stop her from volunteering this past year, and it has been invaluable in so many ways. She has continued to drive women, both in the day program and alumni, weekly to appointments and to help with various needs. Esther is also a peer mentor. She is always looking for opportunities to engage with women in friendship and support.

Volunteer Spotlight: Aniela Kowalczuk
"I am a relational person, enthusiastic about getting to know people and their stories. I'm attentive to other's individual styles, attitudes, and interests. I believe that everyone is precious and worthy of being loved and listened to. I'm intrigued by the unique qualities, beauty, and complexity of each person. I'd love to share what I have: my time, my joy, and my story."

Since coming on as a volunteer, Aniela has volunteered in many capacities, such as being a peer mentor, live-in relief, babysitting for alumni, and meal deliveries. She is always willing to jump in wherever there is a need, and she does so with a generous heart. These tasks may seem small but make such a difference in day-to-day functioning for the women NSM serves.

Staff Spotlight: Denise Cormier - Volunteer Lead
"What I love about being the volunteer coordinator is the people I meet. They bring so much to NSM through the skills and relational abilities they have and through the passion they ultimately possess. That passion for the lost and the vulnerable is what compels them to volunteer. I feel privileged to walk with them in this journey."
Community Partner Spotlight: Chinook Gardener
The Chinook Gardener blesses NSM in so many ways:
• Supplies seeds and plants for participants' gardens 
• Hosts fundraisers to support and raise awareness for NSM
• Often gives seasonal arrangements to the staff and women as a form of encouragement 
• Employs graduates 
• Remains a longstanding donor and active volunteer
New Opportunities on Our Website

We just launched a new volunteer page on our website! On this page we are offering more opportunities for you to give of your time and talents and serve with NSM. Click here to view more opportunities to serve.
Prayer Requests:

Please pray for the protection, health, and safety of all of our volunteers and wisdom for NSM to best steward these amazing people who are giving of their time, energy, and abilities. 
Upcoming Events

May 10th: Volunteer Training @ 7:00 p.m. Training will be held via Zoom. If you would like to attend, please e-mail 

May 12th: Prayer Meeting @ 7:00 p.m. If you wish to join our justice focused prayer team, please e-mail

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