Our Programs

Our Goal at Next Step Ministries is to help break the cycles of addiction + abuse for women exiting sexual exploitation. This happens through building healthy relationships and the women finding their true identity. There are four programs offered through NSM:


The Outreach Program meets women exiting sexual exploitation where they are at, helping them access resources and create an exit plan for those ready to move forward.


The Housing Program provides second stage housing for women exiting sexual exploitation. They are given their own room with a key so they have a safe place to call their own.

Day Program

While the women are in the Housing Program, they attend classes in the Day Program four days a week where they work on recovery and life skills, which is all facilitated through a trauma informed lens.

Follow Care

We offer a long term Follow Care Program, which helps the women get jobs, permanent housing and follow their educational goals. Participants are able to access staff support at any time.

How It Works