Her Voice

Her Voice

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking is happening here in our own country. Sex trafficking is the most common form of modern-day slavery, with studies estimating that 93% of people trafficked are Canadian-born (Joy Smith Foundation). Everyday, in our homes, communities, towns, and cities,  thousands of people who are worthy of love and dignity are trapped in sexual exploitation with no one to trust and no safe place to escape. 

Next Step Ministries (NSM) is on a mission to change that. NSM provides safety, housing, programming, and skills to help women impacted by sexual exploitation as they take steps towards healing and recovery. Our goal is for every woman to know that she has choices and is loved. Next Step Ministries is helping to rebuild lives, one courageous woman at a time. 

“Her Voice” is a compilation of letters written by survivors ofsexual exploitation who have been a part of NSM who desire to usetheir voice to take a stand. Each allows us the privilege to take a glimpse into her journey, fighting against the voices of shame, judgement, guilt, and oppression. “Her Voice” takes a stand, proclaiming the reality of sexual exploitation and human trafficking and shedding light for allies to stand alongside to end modern-day slavery. 

Join us in taking a stand. 

Her Voice Letter 1
Her Voice Letter 2
Her Voice Letter 3
Her Voice Letter 4
Her Voice Letter 5
Her Voice Letter 6
Her Voice Letter 7
Her Voice Letter 8